Flamenco guitar Taranta

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 Tarantas is a free-form mode of flamenco with distinctive finger techniques that keep it lively and unpredictable. This style has a distinctly Eastern flavour, joining the Levante to Andalucía, so it’s the perfect name for a guitar that blends the qualities of ‘blanca’ and ‘negra’ woods.


The design of the Taranta is no accident, but the result of studies to test whether the best of both worlds – rounded deep bases and the warmth of darker woods and the piercing trebles and the ‘broken’ wail of light woods – could exist side by side in one instrument. The result is a triumph of the luthier’s imagination and woodcraft: an all-solid wood, multi-talented performer with a uniquely fused identity.


The top of the Taranta is a marriage of carefully selected Canadian cedar and German spruce, seamlessly joined at the hip. For the back and sides, cypress and Indian rosewood sit strategically opposite one another to elevate the bases and trebles that each wood loves. Visually stunning from every angle, with a hand-laid rosette and rosewood bindings, the guitar has a wide vocal range that can adapt to any flamenco mood.


The Taranta is finished in a choice of gloss or matt lacquer and is available as a cutaway.



  • Tapa: German spruce and Canadian cedar of 1st quality
  • Aros: Spanish Cypress and Indian Rosewood
  • Fondo: Spanish Cypress and Indian Rosewood
  • Diapasón: 1st quality ebony Special
  • Mastil: Honduran cedar with ebony reinforcement
  • Clavijero: professional high-end mechanic
  • Puente: indian rosewood
  • Trastes: nickel silver
  • Perfiles: indian rosewood
  • Acabado: gloss or matte
  • Cutaway



  • A: 65cm
  • B: 100cm
  • C: 22mm
  • D: 90mm
  • E: 95mm

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