The guitar, our history

The names of our guitars are named in honor of the founder of our company, Francisco Broseta Rogla. Guitar builder since the end of the 50's and founder of what is currently Guitars Bros, even today our guitars continue to be marked by his unmistakable stamp.

The great interest shown by Francisco Broseta from an early age in carpentry and music led him to learn the arts of guitar making at the age of 18 in the prestigious house of Dolores Marín in Chirivella from the renowned guitar maker Jose Roca. Where for the next 14 years he is tutored through the artisanal techniques of lutherie and the ins and outs of the trade.
During his apprenticeship at Dolores Marín, he meets what would later be his wife, Ms. Herminia Monroy, who has worked since she was 14 years old in the prestigious guitar construction company Hijos de Vicente Tatay, where she developed and worked on the art of the technique of varnishing and finishing guitars.

Guitarra clásica española
Guitarras Bros inicios

A careful craftsmanship

The Bros guitar workshop is where the modern world and technology bow to tradition and handcrafting, and where speed and efficiency are subordinated to time-consuming woodworking techniques. We vow to remain constant to the Spanish guitarrero’s art, enabling us to capture this special characteristic in every guitar. Each one we build contains the expression of the luthier, the voice of the wood, and the resonance of the strings offering up their harmonic moods. More than simply instruments, and like fine wines, our guitars will develop and mature with age, so that the owner of every Bros guitar has a soulmate to accompany them on their musical journey.

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