Custom Guitars

We adapt our guitars to the demands of our customers, both aesthetically and technically. When we talk about customization we talk about absolutely all the elements that comprise a classical or flamenco guitar within the dimensions determined by the client.

Let us know your requirements on different issues such as the type of wood used in sides, back, fingerboard... etc, even the shape of the headstock that you would like for your guitar, inlay or outline of your initials or the decorative motif that you always wanted to reflect on your guitar, inlay of position markers, incorporation of equalizer etc... ; Guitars Bros does it, simply get in touch with us and we'll talk about it.

As an example, we present in these photographs some of the adaptations made to various guitarists, details of the personalization work on their guitars.

Exclusive and unique guitars in the world, customizing every detail to suit our client. Any design, logo, drawing, phrase, name, portrait, .... whatever you want, we carve it on your new Bros. guitar.

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