60 Year Anniversary Classical Guitar

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The 60 Year Anniversary classical guitar is an expression of Bros craftsmanship and tradition that celebrates our family trademark. It’s not simply an instrument; it’s a work of fine art. Using highest-quality seasoned woods laid down for more than a generation, the Bros workshop is unashamedly showcasing its decorative skills, as has on its many customised guitars built for celebrities.

 For the 60 Year Anniversary model we have chosen highly acclaimed Madagascan rosewood for the back and sides, which is famed for its tonal qualities and appearance. This special-grade rosewood has been in our family drying room for over 50 years, having been selected and stored by the company founders. This ageing contributes subtle nuances and rich harmonics only found in vintage guitars.

 We showcase the full personality of the 60 Year Anniversary model by constructing the top with ‘special’ grade 1a woods. Select either German spruce for bright trebles and a strong resonance, or Canadian red cedar for rich and warm rounded tones. These woods have also been dried and seasoned for decades. When paired with Madagascan rosewood, which produces sonorous bases and long sustains, you have a concert instrument with orchestral depth and range.

 Aesthetically, we made sure the guitar is exquisite. The 60 Anniversary is decorated with intricate marquetry and stunning inlays of mother of pearl (nacre) on the headstock, profiles, rosette, and bridge. The neck features an inlay cut from 50-year dried ebony, which culminates in an intricately carved headstock. Available in a gloss or matt lacquer finish, we can also build your personal model as a cutaway. She is enchanting for the eyes and hands.


  • Tapa: ‘special’ grade-1a German spruce or ‘special’ grade-1a Canadian red cedar. Exclusive woods.
  • Aros: ‘special’ grade-1a Madagascan rosewood
  • Fondo: ‘special’ grade-1a Madagascan rosewood
  • Diapasón: ‘special’ grade-1a ebony
  • Mastil: Honduran cedar with a 50-year-dried ebony inlay
  • Clavijero: premium-quality mechanical
  • Puente: Madagascan rosewood with ornate carvings and incrustation of mother of pearl
  • Trastes: nickel silver
  • Perfiles: solid bands mother of pearl
  • Acabado: highest-quality gloss or matt lacquer
  • Cutaway


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